30 Powerful Prayers for Healing That’ll Quickly Restore Health & Strength

As a child of God, always remember that Healing is the children’s bread (Matt 15:22-29). Even in “Our Lord’s Prayer”, Jesus beseeched us to ask for our daily bread.

The bread symbolizes nourishment (Healing). This goes a long way to show us how God wants us to always be in good health.

This is why in 3 John 1:2 the bible made us understand that God wishes above all things that we prosper and be in good health. Healing is not limited to just your physical injuries, it also includes both your emotional and psychological pains.

This is the reason we have made available some prayers to help you whenever you’re going through difficulties in your health, relationship, or emotions.

Healing Prayers

If there is a man to pray, then there’s a God to answer. Therefore, utilize the list of prayers for healing that will surely bring you strength and peace during hard times.

1). Heal me, O Lord my father, and I’ll be healed; save me with your right hand of righteousness and I’ll be saved, for you’re the only one I put my trust in. Thank You for hearing me out of your holy hills; I receive my healing in Jesus name. Amen.

2). Surely I will not be afraid of any illness because the Lord Almighty has taken away all my infirmities and worries. The Lord will always uphold me in His righteous right hand and His joy will continually be my strength. Amen…

3). Merciful Father, you said if we worship You, Your blessings will be upon my food and water. Lord, you also promised to take away sickness from my midst, Lord I pray that You make Your words in my life a reality. Amen.

4). Dear God, I thank you for your loving kindness towards me. I’ve come to ask You, LORD, that You lay your healing hands upon my body. I need You to heal my past hurts and my present random pains. I look unto no one else but You for my wholeness. Oh, how wonderful it will be to worship you with joy and not pain.

5). Abba Father, I humbly come before You pleading that You heal every aspect of my life that needs Your healing hands. I pour out my heart to You in faith because I trust in You, and I know You are my great physician. Let Your name be glorified in this situation, through Christ the living God, Amen.

6). Surely the Lord will take away my pains and bore my sufferings. He was pierced for my transgressions, and bruised for my iniquities; His punishment brought me peace, and by His stripes, I am healed.

7). Dear Lord, I know I am a sinner who has not been doing what is right in your eyes, but please do not look upon my sins and take away all my diseases, for you are the LORD who heals me.

8). I’m glad because the Father of all creation has promised to restore me back to health and heal my wounds in Jeremiah 30:17. Thank You, Lord, because when You promise, You bring it to pass — Prayer for healing.

9). Heavenly Father, you said in the book of 2 Chronicles 7:14-15 If we that are called by your name will humble ourselves and pray and also seek your face and then turn from our wicked ways, then You will hear from heaven and will forgive us our sins and heal our lands. You also said your eyes will be open to looking after us and your ears will be attentive to answer every prayer we offer to you, please Father come and honor Your words and heal our souls. Thank You my king for prayer answered through Christ our Lord, Amen.

10). The Lord in His love has saved me from the pit of destruction and has kept all my wrongs behind His back. He will restore me to health and also let me live.

11). My heavenly father, I thank You because I know You watch over me all the time. I have also come to remind you of your promises to me in the book of Jeremiah 33:6 which says You will bring healing and health to me and will let me enjoy abundant security and peace.

12). This one thing I’m sure of; the Lord will satisfy all my needs and desires according to the riches of His glory that is in Christ Jesus. I declare that I’m healed in Jesus name, Amen.

13). Dear, Holy, and awesome God who knows my deepest thoughts and has numbered every single hair on my amazing head. You asked me to put down all my challenges at your feet and also cast all of my anxiety upon you because you care for me. This is why I have come to you my Great physician who is able to heal me from this disease. Thank you for always being here for me, and I believe I’m healed, through Christ my Lord. Amen.

14). Praise be to the Lord my God whose blessings are forever on my food and water. I pray that He takes away this sickness from among us through Jesus Christ His Son. Amen…

15). O Adonai, like a deer pants for water, so does my soul longeth for you. I come to You to both hear from You and ask for Your divine healing. I know that with one word, one touch, You can heal my whole being and turn my world around. Please forgive me for all of my sins, wash me of my ungodliness, and let your healing begin from the inside out. Thank You for prayers answered through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

16). Dear Lord, I bow my heart before You, Alpha and the Omega. I desperately need your help in these trying times of mine. I’m desperate for your miraculous healing hands upon my life and business, and at last, all glory will be ascribed unto you, Amen.

17). Almighty Father, I’m sick and so tired of being sick. I pray that you let me touch the hem of Your garment so that I will receive my healing. I desire to feel better soon. Thank you for the victory and for my healing. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

18). Rejoice not over me, O my enemy. Though I fall I will rise; Though I dwell in darkness, the LORD is a light for me; And though I’m sick, the LORD is restoring me back to health.

19). Dear, Holy and Awesome God who knows my deepest thoughts and has numbered every single hair on my amazing head. You asked me to put down every one of my life challenges at your feet and also cast all of my anxiety upon you because you care for me.

20). How sweet the name of Jesus sounds In a believer’s ear
It soothes our sorrows, heals these wounds, and drives away our fear
It makes the wounded spirit whole
And calms the troubled breast
‘Tis manna to the hungry soul, and to the weary, rest

21). My precious Father, it’s so difficult for me to watch my beloved friend (Name) suffer. She’s presently going through so much pain, and even though I don’t have what it takes to stop this pain, I know that You’re capable and powerful enough to put this pain to stop. Thank You Father because I know that You hear me whenever I call upon You. Thus, I’m presenting my friend before You knowing very well that You’ve answered me even before I prayed. — Prayer For Healing For A Friend.


My Counselor, Keeper, and Comforter; The One That I long to embrace.
You are the infinite Father who specializes in Loving His own;
I have come in my weakness so You can find me falling before Your throne.
I pray that You rescue my body and soul from all these pains that have come upon it.
I’m hopelessly lost in these pains and I know You will find me soon and save me from its grip.
Thank You Merciful Father for rescuing me from these excruciating pains. I Love You.


Loving Father, I pray that you send me the comforter (the holy spirit), to comfort me through these sufferings, bless the means by which I’ll be cured, and lend skills to the hands of my curer. Give me the confidence to trust in the power of Your grace, so that even when I may be afraid, I will put my complete trust in You; through Jesus Christ my Savior. Amen.


O’ Holy One, I pray your presence drives away all forms of disease and sickness from me. Strengthen my body and increase the joy of my spirit. Renew my health and bless my food and water, and I’ll serve you forever.


Merciful Father, I come into Your holy presence in need of Your mighty healing hand.
I know with you all things are possible.
Please renew my body, mind, and soul.
Without You Lord, I’m lost, but in Your grace I find myself.
From You comes life and eternal joy.
Grant me Your strength to move forward on the right path that You have prepared for me.
Lead me to the path of better health, and grant me the required wisdom to recognize the good ones You have placed around me for a quick recovery.


Jesus the Living God,
You were able to hallow through earthly pains by your patience in long suffering.
I’m begging You to always stay close to me through this period of pain and weakness;
Preserve me with your love, so that my courage and strength may not disappoint me.
Make me whole according to your will, and hold me in Your warm embrace.
Thank You for the quick response through Jesus Christ, the living son of God. Amen.


Glory be to God in the highest, Amen.
Gracious Father, I call upon You because You said
‘Call upon You in the days of trouble and I will answer you’
Every morning that I wake, every breath that I take,
and every moment of the day, I live under your power.
I ask for your special touch upon my health and the manifestation of your mighty power in my health.
Let the healing power of the Holy Spirit take away everything that should not be found in me.
Let every unproductive cell be rooted out of my body;
Rebuild any damaged part of my body and open any vein or artery that is blocked.
Restore me to complete health and Let every part of my body begin to function the original way You’ve created it to do. Thank You, my great physician. In Jesus name, Amen.


Loving God, I thank You for Your love that has kept going even throughout all my life sufferings.
Now I pray that Your healing hands lead me to a path of complete restoration.
Let Your anointing that breaks every yoke of sickness flow in my life.
I know You’re the living water, therefore, I soak myself inside of You.
My eyes will continually be fixed on You, and my trust will always stay on You.
I believe that I’m healed inside out because I hold on firmly to Your every promise.
Thank You, dear, Lord for answered prayers through Jesus Christ that living God. Amen.


My Master and Friend, I’m hurting so bad,
I know You don’t love to see me in pain because I’m the apple of Your eyes.
Father, come and fill my heart with songs of joy and I will praise your name.
Please eliminate these pains and let Your joy be my joy.
I know after the rain comes to the sun, and through joy is sweeter after sorrow,
Come quickly and save me, my Lord.
I will be going through anything with You by my side.
Thank You for Your quick response through Christ our Saviour. Amen.


O Infinite Intelligence, please have mercy upon me and heal this broken heart of mine.
Fill me with Your Joy and perfect peace that only comes from You.
I need You to always be with me during and after these hard times.
Direct me to the path of full recovery and healing through Your Mighty power.
Thank You Father for hearing me through Christ my Lord. Amen.

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