About Us (Prayer Mood)

Prayermood.com is an online Prayer hub for Christians. It is organized by a group of writers, content creators, and editors who desire to provide educational, applicable, and entertaining content to Christians notwithstanding where they reside.

Every day we provide contents that will help strengthen the Christian’s faith; we believe every day is an opportunity for Christians to know God better, not just only on Sunday morning.

Our aim at Prayermood.com  is to challenge and encourage you, to help you think, worship and give a practical appreciation of the word as well as positive shared testimonies and honest struggles.

At prayemood.com, we make sure to provide information on time on everything on marriage, family issues and parenting, prayer, spiritual growth, to study the Bible and Devotionals, to current events and to Christian look at popular culture, always within an overarching framework of evangelical Christian orthodoxy.

Despite going through our articles on Prayermood.com, you reserve the right to your opinion. Usually, Christians may not agree with one another on how to apply some of the principles of the Bible concerning some of the issues we face today.

Nevertheless, we still provide you with Biblical discussion, teachings, videos, and a whole lot of information that will be useful to you as a Christian;  with the aim of building your faith and maintaining Christian fellowship.

Our Guidelines and Editorial Process

We pride ourselves on the content published by our prolific writers. Our technical team, writers and editors are selected based on their familiarity with cultural and religious studies, as well as their background. Our Editors and writers incorporate their knowledge and expertise in combination with in-depth research to dish out accurate and factual content.

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PrayerMood.Com Editorial Team

Evangelist Samuel, Publisher

Grant Jack, Editorial Director

Grant Jack is one of the big brains behind PrayerMood.com. He’s presently SWN’s Director of Editorial in charge of Prayermood.com, Alluniversity.com, and more. He obtained a degree in English and Writing from Virginia Commonwealth University and Oklahoma Baptist University. Grant has contributed immensely to devotionals websites over the years.

Elizabeth Obialor, Editor in Chief

Elizabeth is also one of the strong voices behind Prayermood.com and she’s charged with the responsibility of assigning giving the final verdict before any content is published on Prayermood.com. She actively participates in various Theology and Global Studies and has also bagged a B.A. in Religious Studies. She’s happily married with four kids.

Isaiah Omekpere, PrayerMood.Com SEO Editor

Isaiah is the SEO editor at PrayerMood.Com. He’s responsible for making it easier for readers to easily find contents that will strengthen their faith, and refresh their minds and soul. He’s also the SEO editor for websites like Freebrowsinglink.com, and Statusinenglish.com. Isaiah loves to try out new things, and he’s also known as the SEO king.

Frequent Crosswalk.com Contributors

Clarence L. Haynes Jr., Meg Bucher, Jason Soroski, Debbie McDaniel, Joel Ryan, Cally Logan, Jessica Brodie, Aaron Brown, Jennifer Slattery, Amanda Idleman, Kristi Woods, Jennifer Greenberg, David Sanford, Catherine Segars, Jennifer Heeren, Cindi McMenamin, Brent Rinehart, Jennifer Waddle, Blair Parke, Jessica Udall, Rev. Kyle Norman, and many others.

Other Writers And Contributors

Apart from the writers and contributors listed above, we also have other occasional contributors and writers. Among them are Pastor Joshua, Evangelist Ukeiria, Rev. Matthew and lots more.