PRAYER MOOD PRIVACY POLICY Privacy policy. Together with its affiliates, licensees, agents and subsidiaries (Collectively “us,” “we,” or “our”).

Our reason for making this Privacy Policy available is to explain to you the kind of information that could be collected whenever you visit our website. Additionally, you will also learn about how we and other third parties use the information and instances whereby we may allow third parties to directly use the information.

When using our website, from time to time depending on your activities, you could be required to agree with our terms and conditions. Our services could include some promotions that could refer to our Privacy Policy for terms concerning the collection and the use of your information.

Be informed that our Privacy Policy only applies to information we take from you through some of the services and information we provide that you voluntarily provide to us through our event or in-person; not through other methods like over the phone, etc., or information you provide to third parties or give to us through third parties.

Our Privacy Policy Modifications

This Privacy policy will be posted on our website as well as our App. Ensure that you regularly review our Privacy Policy because it could be changed regularly even without notice.


Be informed that if we decide to make use of your information that is personally identifiable in a way that is different from how we stated in this Privacy Policy or in a way we suggested at that time it was collected, we’ll ensure that we notify every single person who opted for the service of the changes through the email address they provide us. If you are not comfortable with the changes in how we use your personally identifiable information, then feel free to ‘Opt-Out’ of the service.


There are two (2) types of information that we may collect when you use our website and services: (1) information that doesn’t personally identify you; and (2) information that personally identifies you that we may automatically collect or you willingly provide to us.

(1)  Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Non-personally identifiable information is information that does not in any way personally identify you. Some of the non-personally identifiable information includes some personally identifiable information that has been de-identified; that is, information that has been rendered anonymous. Your non-personally identifiable information can be obtained from information that you willingly provide us, either together or separately with your personally identifiable information. Some of your non-personally identifiable information can also be automatically collected from you whenever you access or use our Services. Some of the information can include, the mobile device, computer, or equipment (“Device”) you’re using, the software or applications you’re using, your mobile network or mobile carrier information, your Device identifier or IP addresses, your type of browser (e.g., Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and the operating system you’re using (e.g. iOS, Android, etc.), how much you use our website or services, and your search queries.

(2) Personally Identifiable Information: Personally identifiable information is information that could be used to specifically contact you or identify you, such as your email address, name, phone number, etc. In line with the general policy, our blog does not automatically collect personally identifiable information whenever you use our platform or services. In some cases, we could request that you submit your personally identifiable information in order to access a particular program, feature, promotion or other Services. For example, you could be required to: (a) provide your mail/shipping address, name, email address, phone number and credit card number when you want to register with our Website or App, or in connection with your deliberate participation in a promotion; (b) Give us some demographic information concerning you (Example: age, purchase preference, usage frequency, gender, etc.) whenever you use our App, or take part in a poll or survey; or (c) post a general comment or/and recommendation through our Services. There are some information that may not be personally identifiable whenever they stand alone (for instance your age), but could become identifiable when combined with other information (For instance, your name and age). Providing us with this information is solely your choice; notwithstanding, some of the information could be required in order for you to either purchase a service or product, participate in a particular activity, or have access to some features or content available through our Services.


1).  Personally Identifiable Information: Be informed that the personally identifiable information that you provide us is generally used to serve you better, respond to your inquiries, carry out your requests, or in ways associated with the circumstances in which you make available the information.  The information could also be used to contact you for various reasons, like providing you promotional information, customer service, subsidiaries or other “affiliated companies”, or to further communicate with you concerning other information you shared with us through the use of our Services. You may opt-out from receiving future promotional information from us or our affiliated companies, or direct that we do not share your information with affiliated companies, as presented below. Although, the use of some Services could be conditioned to your consent to provide you with some promotional information.

In some instances, we could share your personally identifiable information just as follows:

  • With involved third-party sponsors to a promotion or program (example, a contest or sweepstakes) you enter through our Services, and some third-party co-promotional partners and a lot of others with whom we have marketing or other relationships.
  • With our third-party vendors carrying out some functions on our behalf (or on behalf of our affiliated companies) – example, vendors that operate our App or Website, administer our promotions, process credit card orders, provide us promotional or marketing assistance, assist us with customer service, analyze our data, etc.  The information that we share with our vendors is only to carry out our requests.

NOTE: Except as provided in our Privacy Policy, your personally identifiable information can not be sold or shared with any third party without your approval.

2).  Non-Personally Identifiable Information: There are many ways we may use your non-personally identifiable information. For instance, we could use your non-personally identifiable information to examine the use of our website or Services, offer redemption rates or gauge coupons, track the different types of products being purchased, understand trends and customer needs, improve our Services and execute targeted promotional activities. Additionally, we could use non-personally identifiable information by itself or better still aggregate it with information that we’ve gotten from other sources or customers. We may also allow third parties to collect your non-personally identifiable information directly from you, or we could share it with our affiliated companies, or/and sell your non-personally identifiable information to third parties in order to achieve things such as form relationships, generate revenue, etc. Note that whether standing alone or together, your non-personally identifiable information doesn’t personally identify you.


(1)  Web Beacons/Cookies. We automatically store some types of non-personally identifiable information that we receive from users whenever they interact with our website. For instance, like so many other websites, we use “web beacons (also called “pixel tags” or “clear gifs”),” “cookies” and embedded scripts to get some types of information whenever user access or uses our Services. “Web beacons” are small graphics with a unique identifier, and they have similar functions as cookies and could be used to track user’s online movements when an email is opened, and also provide other information. Meanwhile, “Cookies” are small files that are transferred to users of your web browser memory or their computer’s hard drive to enable PrayerMood systems to recognize the user’s browser and also provide convenience as well as other features to you.

Some of the information PrayerMood may collect as well as analyze include IP (Internet Protocol) address which is used to connect your Device to the Internet; your connection and computer information like the browser version and type, platform, and operating system; your activities on our website, including your search term, the products you viewed, and what medium you used to visit our website. Note that the web beacons and cookies that we use don’t contain and are not tied to your personally identifiable information.

Should in case you’re worried about the use and storage of cookies, then you can easily limit or block the storage of cookies through your browser controls or other software.  You can also manually delete cookies from your Device through your operating system, internet browser or other programs.  Be notified that some portions of our Services may likely not be available or function well if you block and/or delete cookies.

(2) Preference Based Advertising: PrayerMood could likely work with third parties, which could include website analysis firms, advertising companies, who use web beacons and cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information whenever a user visits our site or third party sites. This non-personally identifiable information, collected via web beacons and cookies, is basically used by third-party advertising companies to serve you better advertisements while you are on third-party sites tailored to meet your needs and preferences. You are free to opt-out of these ads services if you don’t like them.

Before you opt-out, here are some things you should know:
(1) It includes all the advertising networks that we work with, and could also include even those we do not work with
(2) You could require an “Opt-out Cookies” to make sure a given advertising network does not take your information. (Click here =>> to find out how Opt-out Cookies work). You could be required to carry out another Opt-Out task again if you either use a different device, delete the Opt-out Cookies from your device, or even change your web browsers. Furthermore, AppChoices and other third-party mobile applications may allow you to opt-out of preference-based advertising through your Device.

(3) Do Not Track Features: Some browsers may offer users the option to provide notice to websites that user’s don’t wish for their online activities to be tracked for preference based advertising purposes (“DNT Notice”). Although some browsers provide a DNT Notice by default, whether it reflects your preference. Note we may not be able to take any action as a result of browser-based DNT Notices. If a user doesn’t wish to take part in preference-based advertising, then they should follow the opt-out process suggested in the link we provided above.


(1)  Email Communications: Whenever you ask us a question or comment via email, PrayerMood can possibly use your personally identifiable information to send back a response to your comment or questions. We may also save your comments or questions for references in the future. We urge users not to send us their non-public personal information like bank account information, passwords, or social security numbers via email; this is for security reasons. Note that it’s not our established practice to respond to you back via email except you requested a particular sign up or service that requires email communications. We may sometimes provide our users with options to set their preferences for receiving email communications from us. Simply click on the “Unsubscribe” button usually located at the bottom of any email received in order to stop receiving further personal or commercial emails. Note that we still reserve the right to send our users transactional emails like customer service communications.

(2) Assets Transfer:  We may decide in the future to either buy or sell our assets. However, if we get acquired (Partly or fully) by another entity, the non-personally identifiable information, as well as the personally identifiable information that we have about you could be transferred to and also used by the acquiring entity, nevertheless, PrayerMood will take proper steps to make sure our users’ preferences are followed. If any reorganization proceeding or bankruptcy is brought against us, such information could be considered an asset of ours; thus, it can be transferred or sold to third parties.

(3) Other: Notwithstanding any other provision stated in this Privacy Policy, PrayerMood.Com reserve the right to disclose any non-personally identifiable or personally identifiable information about its users if we’re asked to do so by law, with respect to intellectual property infringement claims, and copyright or if we believe that such action is necessary to: (a) conform with the requirements of the legal process or law; (b) fulfil a government request; (c) defend or protect our legal property or rights, other users, or our Services; or (d) in an emergency to protect the safety and health of the general public or our customers.


PrayerMood could offer services in the future with message boards, chat rooms, blogs, bulletin boards, with the ability to post user-generated content or forums where users can interact with one another. The protections associated with this Privacy Policy may not apply when you provide general or personal information in connection with your use of these forums.  We could possibly use your non-personally identifiable and personally identifiable information to identify you with a posting in the forum.  Information you share in the forum may remain as public information and could be both seen and collected by anybody, including third parties who may not adhere to our Privacy Policy. We will not be held accountable for events that may occur as a result of the distribution of any information you decide to publicly share or post in the forum.


(1) Children: None of our services including our App and other Services were meant for children under the ages of 0-13 years.  We don’t deliberately collect personally identifiable information from people under the age of 13. Ensure you contact us if you are a guardian or parent of a child below 13 that you think has shared his or her personally identifiable information. We will immediately delete their information on your request.

(2) California: Right from January 1, 2005, the California Civil Code Section 1798.83 allows customers that are California residents to request some information as operating the disclosure of their personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. Contact us to make such a request.


PrayerMood has adopted various security measures that it considers appropriate to protect users’ information against misuse, loss, and alteration under our control.

Note that while we put in our best to protect your privacy and personally identifiable information, we may not be able to guarantee the security of information you decide to transmit or disclose through our Services. We are not accountable for the inadvertent, destruction, or theft of your personally identifiable information.

We may notify you by email should in case your “personally identifiable information” happens to be compromised, while we take the required measures to determine the magnitude of the breach as well as restore reasonable integrity to our platform. We will ensure that we employ the use of the latest technology used for protecting information from time to time.


(1)  Social Networks. PrayerMood may allow users to register for an account on our platform by using an account they have with a social network or any other third-party, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Note that by registering through a social network, you are giving us access to some information about your Social Network Account (e.g., contacts, friends, mutual friends, etc.). We can possibly make this information available on or through our Services and to our users.  Nevertheless, you can decide how your information is shared and restrict what information is shared through privacy and other settings.  Furthermore, depending on the privacy settings you have set in your Social Network Account, some of your personally identifiable information could be shared with us and also to our users, and with the third party operating your Social Network Account, depending on which of our services you are using.

(2)  Third-Party Services. PrayerMood Services could contain embedded functionality or links provided by third parties, such as surveys, reward programs, etc. (“Third Party Services”).  Note that we do not maintain or control Third Party Services, nor are we responsible for the privacy practices used by the provider of a Third Party Service. It’s therefore important that you read the privacy policy of these Third Party Services before providing them with any personally identifiable information.


Feel free to contact us if you:
(a) Have comments or questions about our Privacy Policy;
(b) Desire to make corrections to any personally identifiable information that you’ve provided us;
(c) Wish to opt-out from receiving commercial correspondence in the future, including receiving emails from us or our affiliated companies; or
(d) Desire to withdraw your consent to share your personally identifiable information with others.

PrayerMood will respond to your request and also try to carry out your requested changes if applicable and as soon as possible. Also, be informed that there’re certain changes that we may not fulfil while allowing you to access some features and benefits of our Services.


This Privacy Policy just as it is posted belongs to and is the sole statement of our blog with respect to the Services we provide. No modification, restatement, summary or other versions, or other privacy policy or statement in any form is valid except we post a revised or new policy on our App and/or Website.