Norse Prayers for the Dead [Updated 2024]

I recently lost a friend who was a Norseman and I thought it wise to learn the Norse Prayer for the dead so I could use it as a tribute to him and also as a way to honor the deceased.

I learned a lot about the Vikings’ (Norse) beliefs and traditions during this short time, and I am so delighted to share them on this page with you.

The Norse Funeral Prayer for the Dead is actually a beautiful tribute to honor those who have died. In the prayer, the deceased sees his family and the people dear to him in Valhalla (The city of the brave). Below is the Norse prayer for the dead, which is also known as the Vikings’ prayer for the dead.

A Norse Funeral Prayer for the Dead

“Lo, there do I see my father.

Lo, there do I see my mother,

and my sisters, and my brothers.

Lo, there do I see the line of my people,

Back to the beginning!

Lo, they do call to me.

They bid me take my place among them,

In the halls of Valhalla!

Where the brave may live forever!”

The prayer above celebrates the life of the deceased Norseman or Woman. It also reflects the religious belief of the Norsemen, as well as, their love for their family and life.

Other Norse Prayers for the Dead

While the prayer above is the main Vikings’ (Norse) funeral Prayer for the dead, there’re still other prayers and you can find some of them below.

Hail to the Day

Hail to the sons of Day

Hail to the Night and daughters of the Night

Hail the shining Aesir

Hail the mighty Vanir

and hail to the Earth who gives to all

Hail to the Huldefolk

Hail to the Landvettir

and hail to you, our BLESSED DEAD

Stand with us if you would

Smile on us if you will

may peace be between us, for all time

Prayer to Hel (The Norse Goddess) to Assist Someone in the Afterlife

Hel, great goddess, daughter of Loki,
guardian of the spirits of the dead.

Our friend (Put Name) has come to you now.

As (Put Name) kneels before you, Hel,
know how much (he/she) was loved in this life
and how many (he/she) loved in return.

Before (he/she) crossed over (he/she) was an honorable soul,
a soaring spirit, a brave warrior.

Hel, watch over (him/her) as (he/she) crosses the bridge
from this life to the next
and welcome (him/her) with honor and glory
so that (he/she) may live on forever
in our hearts and memories.

Norse Prayer I was Inspired to Write Myself

May our Giantess Earth Mother, Jord

Accept your body with compassion

May Sunna, the radiant Sun

remind everyone of your authentic light

and help you see in all realms

May your passions be embodied by Freyja

May Baldr reflect your brilliance and beauty

anchor the teaching of resurrection and rebirth

May Bragi, the god of poetry sing your praises

May Thor guard you on your travels in all realms

May Frigg unlock the door to Divine mysteries

Whenever we pass a body of water

May we see the reflection of your face

In Mimir’s Well

The Well of Wisdom

All Hail “name”!

Received by the gods

Missed and loved by us humans

Forever an ancestor

And seated among the gods

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