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Are you searching for the Best Healing Spells in D&D 5e (Dungeons and Dragons 5e)?

Prayer of Healing 5e is among the best healing spells in any spellcaster’s repertoire. First of all, you are required to consider its broad area of effect. The spell needs ten minutes before the casters will be able to invoke its consequences. Nevertheless, Prayer of Healing 5e gives the target healing of up to 2d8 + Spellcasting Power Modifier whenever it works. Additionally, for each higher-level Spell Slot you use, the Healing will be boosted for 1d8.

In spite of its lack of efficiency during real combat, Prayer of Healing 5e is an elementary component of any spellcaster’s weaponry during prolonged adventures. Sometimes, the celebration may not be privileged to set up a campfire or get to the city. Thus, the Prayer of Healing could provide the required Healing that could save your party from the penetrating dangers that lie ahead.

Prayer Of Healing 5e
Prayer Of Healing 5e

Life Transference Follows It

It is certainly the life transference that follows the Prayer of Healing 5e. Even Clerics could find themselves astonished to see Life Transference around their repertoire. The Third Level Evocation spell (Verbal, Somatic) uses action to cast, yet its effects still happen immediately. Using this charm, casters can take 4d8 necrotic harm, as well as their goal will, in turn, receive a recovery of a worth twice up to the caster’s penalty (believe lifestyle). Using the fourth (4th) Level Spell Slot and anything above will raise damages by 1d8 per degree, notwithstanding, this also increases the spell’s prospective healing value.

Above all, an average of 20 damage up to a maximum of 80 damage could be fatal to low-HP spellcasters. Notwithstanding the sum of Healing, the tide of battle can quickly turn when given to a damage-dealer or given to a tank.

Having numerous amazing approaches when it comes to Healing in Dungeons and Dragons 5E, makes me wonder if the cleric is still the class that others must like to see from the party? Or maybe another level is now leading them when it comes to usefulness to the group?

Prayer of Healing 5e

Healing is not so pivotal in 5E. Everyone can heal up only by obtaining some shut-eye. It’s very possible to completely heal up in an hour employing hit dice. Besides, everyone and everything has various hit points in this group (Variant).

As a result of the number of hit points,  action economy, harm scales, and potency of recovery, possibly, the excellent use of Healing in 5E is to select characters that are down. There are countless instances where we won tough combats on our table even without using a Healing Word.

It’s Achievable To Completely Heal Up After Such Experience

Additionally, Die or Save effects are very rare, and some crippling debuffs dwindle (wear away) with time. Thus, recovery bang for the buck isn’t as pivotal as it used to.

Except your DM is running the campaign in Challenge Mode, recovering is not as serious as it once was – That’s actually by design. Those who designed the 5E programmed it in a way that you can actually play without Cleric in the party. On the other hand, the former clerics were requested. If not, you will be playing a death wish.

5e Prayer of Healing: Do Paladins, Druids, and Bard Form Good Healers?

Other classes are arguably better at doing the Healing Schtick. Druids, Paladins, and Bard make better healers. Druids are champions for recovery at lower rates, and this is a result of things like Healing Spirit and Great Berry. Bards are bards and they prevail at whatever they build (Put up) in 5E. This is a result of the myopic design choice at WOTC with this limited edition.

Paladins possess the best burst heal option in the game, for most of the game before the basic casters access. Heal doesn’t happen till you get to Level 11, in addition to the Paladin burst heal which is not really not far behind it.

Do you remember I previously mentioned that the Healing Word is the only helpful recovery spell in combat 99 percent of the time? I also mentioned that it’s more profitable to heal up after a combat.

The class usually excels at the Druid when they get Curing Spirit and Healing Word. They could also further expand on it with all the Summer Court, which serves as an additional healing resource out of Spell Slots (Others like the Warlocks also have this option).

In Prayer Healing 5e, there’s only one exceptional cleric class. It’s the Life Cleric. Anyway, you need 1 Level in it, but if you were multiclass to Bard or Druid and dipped only 1 Level at Life Cleric, you could even heal better than any cleric.

Cleric 5e

Clerics are not really the best at anything but they are traditionally great at two (2) things: Buffing and Recovery. Though buffing is what Bards and Wizard also do, yet Clerics were somewhat better at it. Although Buffing is fairly bad in 5e and this is due to the mechanic: Concentration.

Those days are gone when one can cast up to 24 buffs and still keep them up throughout the day. Presently all you have to do is launch a fan – that’s all. But if you get stuck and also perform poorly when saving throws, you automatically eliminate the enthusiast! Also, remember that you can’t cast any other of your great Charm (Because virtually all fantastic spells in this game are concentration).

Cleric 5e

Every other role and construct that you can do with a cleric can be done better virtually by all other Classes – That’s if you know your onions.

This is why the Clerics in 5E is mostly for role-playing, as well as for taste reasons rather than any usefulness or utility. There’s actually nothing bad about that. DnD is not virtually mini-maxing and optimization, and I’m of the opinion that this is a devoted power gamer.

They’re not an awful course. Also, you could possibly have lots of fun and even construct a fantastic robust. Even though Cleric is a flavorful character, yet when it comes to “usefulness,” be rest assured that all other courses are a lot more practical.

Kind:Healing Prayer
Requirements:Cleric Type Class 1
Action:Standard At-will
Roll:Heal Skill +1 vs. DC7, natural one fails
Goal:1 ally
Encounter effect:heal 1/4th maximum hit points +1d8
Rest result:Volume Cure Party
Kind:Cursing Prayer
Requirements:Cleric Type Class 1
Action:Standard At-will
Roll:Intellect Versus Will
Target:1 foe
Range:4 squares
Encounter effect:1d8 necrotic harm


Kind:Healing Prayer
Requirements:Cleric Type Class 1
Action:Regular At-will
Roster:Heal Skill +1 vs. illness, curse, illness or toxin DC (4th edition poison/disease degree is the DC), Natural one neglects
Neglect by 4:The Cleric form diagnoses and neutralizes stopping harm
Success:The Cleric Type Cures
Success by 4+:Remedies And Regenerates 1d8 Hit Points
Goal:1 ally
Encounter Effect:Therapies Sickness, Curse, toxin or illness
Rest Result:Mass Cures Party
Type:Cursing Prayer
Requirements:Cleric Type Course 1
Action: Regular At-will
Roll: Intellect Versus Will
Goal: 1 Foe
Array:4 Squares


Type:Healing Prayer
Demands:Cleric Type Class 2
Action:Regular At-will
Roll:Heal Ability +1 Versus DC7, Organic One Neglects
Target:Self Or One Ally
Experience Effect:restores bones, limbs, and organs, removing blindness, deafness, paralysis and restores speed, Defenses and strikes +1d8 hit points
Rest Result:Mass Restore The Party
Level-up:Heal Skill +1, +1 Ally, +1d8 Hit Points In 11th and 21st Level
Requirements:Cleric Type Class 2
Action:Standard At-Will
Roll:Intellect Versus Will
Goal:1 foe
Array:4 squares
Type Class:
Level-Up:+1 enemy, burst +1 square, +1 to attack at 11th and 21st level


Type:Healing Prayer
Demands:Cleric Type Class 3
Action:Regular At-will
Roll:Heal Skill +1 vs. DC7, Natural One Neglects
Goal:1 ally
Encounter Impact:Restores The Age And Degree Of An Ally
Rest Result:Mass Regenerate Party
Type:Cursing Prayer
Requirements:Cleric Type Class 3
Action:Standard At-Will
Roster:Wisdom Versus Will
Target:1 foe
Array:4 Squares
Encounter Effect:Does 1d8 Damage a Foe and Transports It Into The Cleric in Restored Struck Points.
Level-Up:+1 Foe, Burst +1 Square, +1d8 at 11th and 21st Level


Kind:Healing Prayer
Requirements:Cleric Type Class 4
Action:Standard At-will
Roll:Dead Widow’s Fortitude Bonus (Subtract 10 Out of 4th Edition Grit To Get The Bonus) Versus DC7 Failure On a Regular 1
Failure:The Soul Will Not Reunite and Becomes More Undead Foe With Complete Hit Points
Target:1 ally
Encounter Effect: Restores The Life Span Of 1 Partner.
Rest Effect:Mass Raises Party.
Level-Up:+1 Ally In 11th and 21st Level
Kind:Cursing Prayer
Requirements:Cleric Type Class 4
Action:Standard At-Will
Roll:Wisdom Versus Will
Goal:All Foes Of The Equal or Lower Level to The Cleric Type
Range:4 Squares
Encounter Effect:Kills The Enemies.

Conclusion: 5e Prayer of Healing






30 FT











There are up to 6 animals at your disposal that you can access within range, each regains hit-points equals 2d8 + the spellcasting ability modifier. Note that this spell will not affect constructs or undead.

Whenever these spells are cast at higher levels using a 3rd-level spell slot or higher, your recovery goes up by 1d8 for all slot levels above 2nd.

Note that this spell wasn’t designed to serve as a “battle spell”. I see it more like a very short remainder, used whenever the party wants to conserve hit dice or doesn’t have enough time for 1-hour short rest.

When in battle, the 2nd-degree cure wounds spell will have the exact same effect. Though it will target only one monster. Note this 5e prayer of healing spell is very useful for fast Healing. Without spending time for a complete rest the party quite considerably, especially at the 3rd & 4th Levels even before mass healing could be used.

The 10-minute casting time makes it the best for curing wounded parties while the wizard/ teaser a ritual spell, as the ritual charms can take slightly over 10 (ten) minutes to throw.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Good is the Prayer of Healing 5e?

Prayer of Healing is generally rated ‘Green’ which means prayer of healing is a good spell. Up to 12d8 + (your spellcasting modifier * 6) is an amazing healing for a 2nd-level spell slot.

Can You Use Prayer of Healing in Combat?

No, It’s not possible to use Prayer of Healing in combat. Also, Mass Healing Word can completely stop ‘all party kill’ provided so many party members reach 0 HP. Apart from hit points healed, another major difference is that mass healing word has an additional action casting time while ‘Prayer of Healing’ has a 10 minute casting time.

What Does the Prayer of Healing Do in DND?

Almost seven creatures that you want and can actually see within range, each can regain Hit Points equivalent to 2d8 in addition to your Spellcasting ability modifier. Meanwhile, the spell does not affect Constructs or Undead – No effect on them.

How Do You Use Healing Words in 5e?

A creature of your desire that is within a visible range regains Hit Points equivalent to 1d4 + your Spellcasting ability modifier. The spell does not have effect on Constructs or Undead.

Which Priest Spec is Best for Healing?

The Holy Priest (Priest – Holy Specialization): Happens to be the most user-friendly healing class currently available. Freshers will find it easy to understand the Holy spec abilities. This is far from a dig on the class, notwithstanding, the Holy Priest can still match other healing specs in high-level Castle Nathria and mythic dungeons.

Which DND Healer is Best?

Below are the Top 10 Best Healing Subclasses (DND)

  1. Life Domain – Cleric
  2. Grave Domain – Cleric
  3. Peace Domain – Cleric.
  4. Divine Soul – Sorcerer
  5. Way Of Mercy – Monk
  6. Circle Of Dreams – Druid
  7. Celestial Patron – Warlock
  8. Oath Of The Crown – Paladin
  9. Alchemist – Artificer
  10. Twilight Domain – Cleric

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